5 Essential Ways To Improve Website Conversion Rate

25 Feb 5 Essential Ways To Improve Website Conversion Rate

1. Create clean and relevant landing pages

When a potential client clicks on a search engine result, pay per click ad or social media link, they will expect to see information that is highly relevant to what they perceive the link would show them.

Creating highly targeted landing pages that are specific to the individual product or service you are offering will greatly increase the chances of that person staying on the page, requesting more information or purchasing from you.

Furthermore, that landing page needs to be clean, simple to understand and have easy to follow procedures that encourage the visitor to take some kind of positive action. This could be a form to request a call back, a button to purchase or a telephone to call.

Presenting your visitor with a page chock-full of text, industry terminology or a myriad of options will only serve to confuse or worse still, annoy the person, resulting in increased bounce rates. Bottom line, use the old KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid and watch your website conversion rate grow.

2. Use positive language that encourages action

When writing copy for your landing page, ensure you use positive words that speak to your visitor and encourage them to take some form of action.

Words and phrases such as “Buy Now”, “Limited Offer”, “Expires Today”, “Subscribe” and “Free Trial” will create a sense of urgency with the visitor to go that extra step and take up your offer.

3. Only request information that you actually need

It’s a fact that people hate filling out forms and giving out personal details. Again, use that KISS principle I mentioned above. Keep forms short, checkout processes simple and only collect the least amount of information you need to complete the process.

For example, you do not need to ask for the full address or date of birth when trying to get your visitor to subscribe to an email newsletter.

4. Keep trying alternative landing page styles with classic A/B testing

You should be continuously fine-tuning your website and in particular your landing pages.

Even the slightest colour change of a word, button or link can make a difference in the conversion rate.

Try playing around with different graphics, colours, headlines, buttons, form layouts, product descriptions and whatever else is prominent on your page.

However, don’t make things complicated for yourself. I would suggest having only two live pages at any one time. Run duplicate PPC ads but with different landing page URLs. Use the simple A/B split test idea.

Initially, your A/B pages may look very different from each other until you find out which layout works best. We tried this method with one of our client websites called PocketRate who compare credit cards and other financial services information. We found what works best is keeping it simple. Once you’ve established the correct format for your landing page, it then comes down to fine-tuning one or two small elements on the ‘B’ page variant. Monitor your conversion stats and drop the worst performing page.

The difference in conversion may only be minute between test pages but keep doing the A/B split testing and it soon adds up.

5. Create credibility and trust

Visitors need to trust you before purchasing or even giving you their email address. Here are some ways you can build your credibility with the visitor:

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Business Awards
  • Press Mentions /clippings
  • Years of Experience
  • Seals of Approval from trade bodies or memberships
  • Security – show you value their privacy
  • Include an office address and telephone number to show you really do exist

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