Pay Per Click & Social Media Ads

We help business reach new clients with tailored Pay Per Click PPC and Social Media marketing strategies.

Google Adwords

We offer a range of Pay Per Click PPC services from straightforward set up assistance to monthly campaign management options.

Facebook Ads

Reach different demographic and audience location segments through our highly targeted Facebook advertising services.

Twitter Ads

From promoted tweets and viral content to increasing your follower base and improving engagement with retweets and favourites.


Measure the performance of all your PPC and Social Media campaign marketing to fine-tune targeting and keep acquisition costs low.

Pay Per Click – PPC

A tailored approach that targets your market and keeps costs low

  • Comprehensive keyword research of your marketplace
  • Targeted keyword and phrase groupings
  • Placement, Location and Device targeting
  • Dedicated landing page ad linking
  • Multiple written ads including A/B testing
  • On going fine-tuning of your campaigns keep costs down
Adwords Pay Per Click

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Our Process

Helping you dominate your marketplace

Keyword Research

Extensive research to ensure your campaign attracts the right keywords and phrases to improve click through rate.

Device Focused

Tailored ads that appear across relevant device platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet users.

Demographic & Geographic Targeting

Reach an audience that matches your location requirements, hits your niche and keeps your conversion costs down.

A/B Testing

We create multiple ad copy to test for the best click through rates and retain best performing ads.

Tailored Groupings

Our experts create groupings that focus on your specific services or products to pinpoint potential clients.

Focused Landing Pages

We can help you create highly focused landing pages for PPC ads that improve conversion and lower acquisition costs.